What We Do

There will always be talent acquisition & retention challenges, but the ways that recruiting firms address them have been fundamentally the same for decades. Staffegy's process-driven, client-centered solutions to hiring needs shift the way recruiting firms engage with both clients and candidates.

  • Assessing whether you are hiring (and employing) the right people is a multi-dimensional process that goes deeper than just putting everyone into four basic quadrants. Staffegy, using proven methodologies and tools, will provide you with a detailed understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your team, determine how best to deploy them, and provide you with a framework to properly coach and manage them to their fullest potential. You will be properly equipped to make informed and objective hiring decisions, whether we found the candidate or not.

  • Staffegy’s engagement model blends tools and processes traditionally reserved for Executive Search with project management discipline, and applies them to everyday hiring needs. More time is spent up front to identify the right candidate profile and set expectations, and there is dedicated focus as we limit the number of search assignments we take at a time. Clients receive detailed weekly updates documenting process and progress, enjoy exclusivity of candidates, receive in-depth assessments, and a longer guarantee period. Candidate experience also greatly improves by way of a less rushed, more attentive process.

  • Recruitment strategy is more than just search strings and which social media platform is right for the demographic you're targeting for a given search. These are just tactics. Like any business function, recruiting is not always viewed through a holistic lens. Staffegy starts with understanding your organization's purpose and the strategic direction of your leadership, then audits your existing recruitment processes & tools, and works with you to construct a recruitment strategy congruent with your organizational goals. We will also train your team where needed, leaving you with the tools they need to succeed.

  • Whether you need additional resources to complete a critical project, or a long term alternative to full time employees, Staffegy is equipped to provide you with the contingent workforce flexibility that your business needs demand. The in-depth discovery process we apply at the outset of a staff augmentation search is comparable to that which we apply to a search engagement. Our focused effort allows our team to quickly ramp up their understanding of your business needs, and then rapidly identify & secure the resources you require.

Our processes deliver the critical hires that advance your business.